Multidisciplinary Performing Arts Competition

In the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands

It was already a cultural center of the region, centuries ago

With an ancient history both cultural, and religious; also a key location for recent historical events last century (WW2) and even an archeological site, 4.000 years old. 

The location is surrounded by beautiful nature, natural reserves offer a unique experience back to nature, and a welcoming community, with restaurants and accommodation, to extend your leisure experience.

The Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Performing Arts School has chosen Rhenen for its historical value, as the location for its activities.

As well The Matrix-Q Akademia, with 36 School programs, has its outdoors training location in Rhenen.

Weekly training and leisure activities outdoors are facilitated in the city of Rhenen by our members.

The Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Performing Arts for sustainability, Competition, is hosted in the city of Rhenen twice every year


Do you have a holistic multidisciplinary performing arts idea or project?

By participating in the competition, we offer you training and give you challenges (Matrix-Q Method)

By completing the tasks assigned you will earn points. Higher the points more chances to qualify for the finals


  • Scholarships at the Matrix-Q Akademia
  • Memberships at the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Performing Arts Club
  • If eligible, your project will join the Matrix-Q Incubation Program, and be developed as a business project


Just contact us to schedule a 15 min call or a casting (we evaluate your readiness to join the competition)

Do you live in the Rhenen region?

The Rhenen pass is a special membership (Multidisciplinary Performing Arts Club 9) that gives you the opportunity to attend events, workshops, and courses with special conditions for residents of the region


Please contact us for more details, or fill out this form to start our conversation