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Matrix-Q Akademia 2022

The journey towards the within

Unleashing your future self

Mastering the sound, vibration, created by yourself, music instruments, binaural tones, nature, or daily life

Workshops, private sessions, weekends, dance improv. sessions

Private & Public Performance

Luis plays the HandPan and does poetry telling

Interactive experiences, meditative explorations 


  • 1x20 min Capacity Assessment Scan
  • 2x20 min Holistic Coaching Session
  • 2x20 min Sound Bathing Regenerative Session
  • 1x20 min Luis will intuitively create a soundtrack for you to take home. (An specific melody utilizing the Matrix-Q Sound Method)



e-LEARNING: Sensory BodyPainting

  • The 9 Rooms Atelier
  • An exploration of therapeutical applications of body arts, dance improv. and storytelling

Matrix-Q Dance 2022

Dance for Balance, Purpose & Freedom MATRIX-Q SOUND & DANCE Sessions Indoors, Outdoors & Underwater 

For 5 years we have planned to create a safe space for dance improv and human connection.

We are finally ready with a wonderful program.

HandPan Improv. & Poetry 

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

CD's and Digital Tracks


    The Impactful Power of Matrix-Q Storytelling Methodology

    > The role of storytellers in ancient cultures & civilizations

    > Introduction to the Matrix-Q Methodology applied to storytelling and performing arts

    > How to create a positive regenerative impact in the world by addressing global pressing issues through creativity, experiential performing arts, and storytelling

    Matrix-Q Legacy StoryTelling

      Video & Audio recordings

      Storytelling by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2007 - 2016

      Subscription: The Peace Song of Odin Theta

      • Between 2012 and 2016, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will keep on living abroad and traveling, combining multidisciplinary archaeology expedition, research, and storytelling.

        2014-2016, Russia, Germany, Finland, and Austria, Luis will use his artistic name: Odin Theta, to tell stories and sing songs about peace

        At the same time will organize peace gatherings and presentations, dedicate himself to writing books, and produce training with an innovative methodology for nonviolence, communication, self-defense, strategic management, gender identity and diversity, education, and health; which utilizes positive emotions.

        This product contains audio and video materials, under the collection: The Peace song of Odin Theta